Unlocking business potential

Unlocking business potential is our passion. Enterprise Architecture is our philosophy. Personalised thought leadership is our edge. Possibilities are limitless.

Together we will create the SMART WAY FORWARD.


Consulting with heart

Knotion is all about ‘consulting with heart’.  The company is passionate about making a difference in the lives of our clients and colleagues, and we achieve this through the dedication and compassion of the bright minds and colourful personalities we employ.

While we support individualism, we also strongly believe in the power of effective teamwork.  Our working environments are highly collaborative and energised, all with a view to stimulate creativity and promote a shared purpose to serve our clients with excellence, professionalism, and care.

Collegial and client relationships are built on a strong foundation of trust.  Knotion’s work environment is output driven, and we empower each consultant to take full ownership of their responsibilities.  We also like to keep things real and transparent, are willing to admit to our mistakes, and are always open to learn from constructive critique.

Our Leaders

Timothy Vermaak

Timothy Vermaak

COO | Owner | Enterprise Architect

Marius Snel

Marius Snel

CEO | Owner | Enterprise Architect


What it takes to join the Knotion community?

The Knotion Consultant

Knotion is constantly searching for talented individuals, sharing our passion to make a real impact in the lives of our clients and colleagues. A Knotion consultant is someone with zest, drive and commitment to serve clients with excellence, while enjoying every moment of it.  We value leaders, team players, and anyone able to bring a unique dimension to our consulting environment.  Moreover, we value individuals with a genuine concern for others.

Way of Working @ Knotion

In executing consulting projects, Knotion places emphasis on three key drivers, namely: value realisation for our clients, excellence in technical delivery, and effective project management.

Enterprise Architecture projects are delivered through diverse and multi-skilled teams.  This enables us to ensure that business and IT aspects are integrated into original yet practical solutions that support the strategic imperatives of the organisation.

Project quality is managed in an interactive manner, designed to promote cross-team skills transfer and regular feedback.

Growing @ Knotion

Knotion is serious about the professional development of each consultant we employ.  Career objectives are discovered, established and tweaked through regular two-way communication.  We recognise that the aspirations, talents and personal circumstances of each employee are unique, and are constantly looking out for best-fit opportunities to support individual growth needs.

Formal training is supplemented by our skills development programme involving in-house training, mentoring, coaching, and regular technical knowledge sharing sessions.

It’s Personal

At Knotion, we recognise that the world of work is changing around us. We also believe that each person that engages with us is an individual with unique qualities, strengths and goals for their life. We understand that traditional employment structures may not be what everyone is looking for, which is why we find creative ways to work with those talented individuals who have what it takes to be part of the Knotion community.

Knotion has carefully selected recruitment partners to support our talent identification needs. We utilize LinkedIn to advertise open positions and talent pipeline positions. We are constantly looking for and meeting with potential candidates in an effort to build a strong talent pipeline to call upon as our client demand requires. Please follow us on LinkedIn to keep up to date with career opportunities at Knotion.

Should you wish to be considered for Knotion’s talent pipeline please submit a concise 3-page resume highlighting your background, experience, skills, education, remuneration expectations, availability, willingness to travel and personal goals.