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    Higher value ideas to market in shorter timescales

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    Knotion Consulting is excited to announce the launch of Design in Business Training, presented by Craig Martin, founder and CEO of DesignChain Australia and founder and Director of TribalMind.

    As business becomes more challenging, individuals and organisations need new ways to improve their creativity and innovation. They also need to improve their speed to market; it’s pointless to have great ideas and solutions if it takes you three years and $10M to get them in front of your customers. This is especially relevant in the corporate space where the large engines of value creation take a long time to turn and gain momentum.

    It’s becoming more and more important for organisations to shift into an experimentation and learn-fast mindset.  This helps them plan for a horizon 1, 2 and 3 portfolio split to enable innovation and future revenue growth opportunities.


    Design in Business introduces individuals and teams to design tools that will help them be more human-centred in their approach to problem-solving.

    Attendees learn how to apply design tools to launch new and innovative products and services to market, as well as how to leverage these tools to support strategic planning, business analysis, architecture and agile delivery.

    What does it cover?

    Design in Business covers the essential design tools to help you explore, ideate, prototype and deliver higher value ideas to market in shorter timescales.
    One of the key value propositions of our course is the integration with the strategy and business planning and architecture aspects to determine viability and feasibility. Attendees will also learn how to leverage agile techniques to help focus investment and deliver ideas to market more efficiently.

    Who is it for?
      • Enterprise Architects
      • Business Architects, Analysts & Leaders
      • Business & Strategic Planners
      • Business owners, founders and start-ups
      • Strategy analysts
      • SME’s product owners, marketing experts
      • Innovation managers and general managers
      • Project and program managers
      • SAFE practitioners, Agile coaches

    “Our team found the experience invaluable. The course helped us challenge some of our established ways of thinking to ensure we have the tools and techniques available to appropriately articulate problems, then to analyse them and design and iterate possible solutions in a human-centred, business focused way”

    Banking clientProduct Design, Change and Delivery

    How will our training help you?

    Attendees will gain the following skills within this course:

    How to look at challenges through a design mindset;
    How to plan and conduct human-centred research;
    How to synthesise research findings and set useful criteria for designing solutions;
    How to ideate and conceptualise potential solutions that address the human-centric need;
    How to prototype a potential solution to learn and refine the design to meet the need;
    How to iterate and launch ideas  that succeed more often;
    How to manage risk through action;
    How to make smaller and more successful decisions more often;
    How to detect hidden growth opportunities in a business; and
    How to break the analysis-paralysis mindset and identify important areas to focus on.

    Reference Book used during the training

    Included in the price is a hard copy of Universal Methods of Design by Bruce Hanington and Bella Martin.

    Craig Martin

    Craig is an internationally recognised speaker and thought leader in the space of business design.

    He has successfully merged the disciplines of design, architecture and agile into a powerful solution to help his clients improve time-to-market and create more coherency across the business.

    Craig has extensive experience in the innovation, startup and consulting space, having applied his techniques to launch a number of successful businesses and startups.

    He is the founder of Knotion South Africa as well as DesignChain and TribalMind in Australia.
    Craig has been involved in a number of projects where he has leveraged business design to help address complex problem areas. These range from:

      • Business model innovation and ecosystem design to help companies compete with Amazon;
      • The launching of new products and services to market through learn-fast design, architecture and agile sprints; and
      • Creating scale-fast efficiencies in the business through operating model design.

    He has applied these techniques to both public and private companies, small and large. He has a passion for training and mentoring, and has developed innovative learning techniques to help customers understand and apply business design to in-house problems.

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    Certification:  Attendance Certificates will be provided post attendance of the course


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