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Internet of Things and Enterprise Architecture Training

The fourth industrial revolution ~ McKinsey Global Institute

Transformation | Multidisciplinary | Design considerations

The Internet of Things is powering a new era of science and technology and is transforming our lives in powerful ways, including our habits, behaviours, and even the way in which we do business.


IoT is a multidisciplinary complex environment encompassing Engineering-Mechanical, Electronics, Networking, Cloud, Big Data, Advanced Analytics and Mobility.
While the promise of the IoT brings many new business prospects, it also presents significant challenges covering various architecture domains from Business through to technology and security.


This training program covers the current state of IoT and will explore how enterprise architecture principals can be used to cut across multiple architecture domains with a focus on IoT. The course will also explore the different design aspects that have to be considered in identifying and constructing the components that are needed in developing an IoT solution that will provide business value.

Course Objective

  • Gain a basic understanding of all the elements of IoT – sensor, devices and communication.
  • Security issues and security solutions for IoT.
  • Overview of how Big Data and Machine Learning is enabled by IoT.
  • Enable Architects to Design IoT Solutions.

Training Material

Delegates will receive a training file containing EA4IoT training material in PowerPoint format. Supplementary material is provided on a USB, containing a soft copy of all the training material and other useful products.

This course is suitable for business, IT and EA professionals.

Course Content

IoT Introduction

Concept and definitions
Understanding IT and “Things” Convergence

EA Introduction

Concept and definitions
Frameworks, methodologies & reference models

Why IoT

IoT Adoption
Possible Application
Class Case Study (Used for exercises across course)

Business Implications

Defining the business need
New Business Capabilities

All About Sensor & Actuators

Basic function and architecture
Types of sensors and actuators
Manufacturing variations and calibration

IoT Devices

Elements of a “Thing”
Battery & power issues

Network & Communication

Wireless vs Wired
Communication Protocols

Application Platforms

IoT platforms
Applications at different levels of IoT
Cloud Computing

Data acquisition, storage and analytics

Big data
Machine learning

Security in IoT

Standards and best practices

IoT Architecture

TOGAF Alignment
IoT reference architectures
IoT Design and Architecture

Thomas Nel received a B.Eng. (Industrial) degree from the University of Pretoria in 2008 and a B.Eng. (Industrial)(Hons) degree specialising in Business Systems Engineering from the University of Pretoria in 2013.

Thomas Nel is an Enterprise Architect, with the unique ability to understand and apply Enterprise Architecture from a system engineering point of view. He has worked across all the different domains of architecture and can hold his own from business down to the technology area. He has a practical value driven approach to architecture. Thomas’ work experience covers various industries, such as Finance, Insurance and Government. Some of the clients he has done work for include Reserve Bank, Standard Bank (supply chain), Nedbank, C-BRTA and Gautrain. Apart from covering Business Architecture, Data, Application and Technology architecture, Thomas has done Integration and Security architecture work for a client.

Using Enterprise Architecture, he has delivered the following value to clients: Business Cases, ICT Strategies, re-engineered business channels, RFP developments and assessments, and, Information and Data audits.

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