Knotion presents TOGAF in Vienna

Knotion is constantly on a drive to create intellectual property that will accelerate the delivery of value to its clients. “To really make this successful, we required a toolset that supported our vision of EA and allows our consultants to access the IP when working across various client sites,” stated the COO of Knotion, Tim Vermaak. He further added: “We needed a tool that was simple to use, had powerful reporting capabilities and allowed Knotion to package reference content while empowering our architects to focus on the output of architecture rather than the practice of architecture.”

Knotion prides itself as a vendor-agnostic tool provider and has assisted various clients in selecting the most appropriate tools to support their EA practices. Based on its client experience and its extensive knowledge of toolsets, Knotion selected ADOit as its internal toolset. This decision formed the foundation for a solid mutually beneficial relationship with the BOC Group, which is an internationally leading developer of software tools for globally recognised management approaches.

As part of this drive, CEO of Knotion, Marius Snel, recently visited the BOC headquarters in Vienna, Austria. “I was very impressed during my visit to experience the culture within BOC, and how well they align to ours.” Knotion is a values-driven organisation and according to Snel, any successful business partnership requires companies to have similar values.

Knotion also offers training, and as part of Snel’s visit, he provided TOGAF training to 21 BOC staff members from countries across Europe in Vienna. Austria only has 113 certified TOGAF 9 individuals. This number should soon be increasing. The training participants were excited to learn and they believe there are many opportunities to apply TOGAF at their existing clients.

What some of the participants had to say:

“Great content, which triggered interesting discussions. Good answering of questions and links to theory and in real-life.” Nikolaus Landwehr

“The training was very enjoyable and full of practical knowledge and a well-digested set of hints and tips.” Enrique Lobo Cruz

“I enjoyed the TOGAF training course and the presentation way. The delivery was clear and helpful to cover the TOGAF Framework.” Andrey Chernikov

During his visit, Snel also had the opportunity to spend time with Prof Dr Dimitris Karagiannis, full professor and Head of Research Group Knowledge Engineering at the University of Vienna, who was a founding member of BOC.


Cruz, Market Development Manager at BOC Group, mentioned: “It was interesting to note that when doing research on enterprise architecture, South Africa always ranks highly.  We therefore gained a lot of insight and value from the presentation done by Mr Snel.”

Further to this training session, BOC will reciprocate the knowledge sharing by sending some of their staff members to Knotion in South Africa to provide specialist training on the advanced administration and customisation of ADOit.

“We are excited to partner with Knotion in South Africa and we are looking forward to a fruitful relationship between the two companies,” was the comment from Harald Kühn, member of the board and MD for BOC Germany.  Knotion’s resident ADOit expert, Tim, has been invited to train Bank Windhoek in Namibia on the usage of ADOit. Bank Windhoek was BOC’s latest client in Africa.